January 4, 2016

European Health Parliament 2016 – 2nd Plenary Session

FINAL EHP2016_AffA3_sessie2_DEFThe 2nd plenary session of the European Health Parliament 2016 titled “Healthcare in Europe: the challenge of sustainability and innovation” took place on the 17th of February, between 9.30h – 13.00h in room P7C050 followed by the afternoon session from 14.00h – 17.30h in room ASP 06 D128, at the European Parliament. MEP Giovanni La Via and MEP Philippe de Backer co-hosted the session. As well, MEP Eva Kaili and MEP Karin Kadenbach were present on the panel.

The second part of the session (from 14.00h – 17.30h) was available only for EHP participants, excluding external participants.

The initiative gathers more than 50 young people under 35 years old of all backgrounds, from all over Europe. They work as a Parliament – divided in 5 subgroups and collaborate together during seven months to make Europe the healthiest place on earth.

The project was initiated by Johnson&Johnson and supported by Google, POLITICO, the College of Europe and EU40.

The young Health Parliamentarians divided in 5 subgroups have each had a short presentation showcasing the current status of their work. They have received input from the other groups. The aim was to have in this phase of the initiative a first draft of a high-level paper that the participants are co-authoring. The participants were divided in break-out sessions to brainstorm and include in their works what they learned during the day.

The panel was be moderated by Peter O’Donnell (Editor, POLITICO) and joined by the following speakers:

  • MEP Giovanni La Via (co-host)
  • MEP Philippe De Backer (co-host)
  • MEP Eva Kaili
  • MEP Karin Kadenbach
  • Adrian Thomas (Head of Global Public Health, Johnson&Johnson)
  • Vivek Muthu (Chief Health Adviser, The Economist)
  • Tapani Piha (Head of Unit eHealth & HTA, European Commission)
  • Prof. Jan Verhoef (emeritus Professor Medical Microbiology and Infectious diseases and currently CEO World Healthcare Forum)
  • Amanda Bok (CEO European Haemophilia Consortium)
  • Dr. Roberto Bertollini (Chief Scientist and WHO Representative to the EU)
  • Alessandro Tempra (EMEA Government Affairs Manager, Johnson & Johnson)
  • Eleni Antoniadou (European Health Parliament President)
  • Hugo Cordova (Administrator ITRE Committee, European Parliament)
  • Gabe Brotman (Executive Director of Strategy, Marketing and Growth, POLITICO Europe)
  • Prof. Michele Chang (European Political and Administrative Studies Department, the College of Europe)


Media coverage POLITICO available at this LINK.

Pictures taken during the 2nd plenary session: