Péter Olajos

MEP 2004/2009 – Member of the  Group of the European People’s Party
Current: Managing Director, Green Player Ltd
Born on 18 April 1968, Budapest, Hungary.
Member of the  Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats), European Democrats and Magyar Demokrata Fórum between 20.07.2004 and 13.07.2009.
Member of the following committees and delegations:
–       Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety
–       Delegation to the EU-Kazakhstan, EU-Kyrgyzstan and EU-Uzbekistan Parliamentary Cooperation Committees, and for relations with Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Mongolia
Substitute member:
–       Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection
–       Delegation to the EU-Romania Joint Parliamentary Committee
–       Committee on Budgets
–       Delegation to the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly
–       Temporary Committee on Climate Change
EP page: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/meps/en/28636/PETER_OLAJOS_home.html