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  • Bringing Rural Areas in the 21st Century: The case of Technology and Agriculture

    Food is one of the essential elements for our life. Food not only provides a source of energy for our body, but its industry has a value of trillions of Euros, being one of the most important sectors in terms of employment and revenues in Europe. With the new Farm...

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  • Recovery and change: The breakdown of traditional structures?

    The economic ripples due to the outbreak of COVID19 have been felt at all levels of society. Aside from the health perspective, the economic sphere of European countries is and will be severely affected for the months to come. Cities in lockdown have meant the cease of several activities that...

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  • Life under COVID19 – Keeping an active and healthy lifestyle!

    Join us on the 10th of June, for an online conversation and Q&A on mental and physical health under COVID19!  With  Maria Walsh - Member of the European Parliament, and strong advocate for #MentalHealth  Samantha Clayton - Former Olympian, Global Fitness professional,  a great mother of 4 Yves Le Lostecque - Head of Unit, European...

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  • EU40 at EYE 2020: The famous #Battle4YourVote

    The #Battle4YourVote MEP rap battle is back!  EU40, in cooperation with the European Parliament, is happy to announce that it is bringing back its famous MEP Rap Battle, in light of the European Youth Event 2020, happening in Strasbourg in May 2020.  Every two years, the European Youth Event brings...

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  • The Era of Misinformation? Living a Dangerous Reality under COVID19

    27 May 2020 - 11h00 to 12h00 Online Conversation - Register here Fake news and misinformation have become an everyday reality in recent years. However, with the COVID19 pandemic, misinformation and disinformation have spread as rapidly as the virus itself. Threatening the efforts of governments to contain the virus and...

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  • #EU40Talks with former British MEP Antony Hook

    On May 13 we had a lovely conversation with former British, for the Renew Europe Group, MEP Antony hook. We spoke about Brexit and life after it!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dKRxvFxUIM

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  • #EU40Talks: Video Chat with interesting personalities!

    In these hectic times, EU40 is happy to host a series of conversations online with interesting personalities that are shaping (or have shaped) Europe in these past years.  We have started with Alexandra Phillips from the Greens, former MEP for the UK.  We have then had the pleasure to host...

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  • Rethinking Today, Shaping Tomorrow: the European Youth Parliament is here!

    EU40, in partnership with the EYP, is glad to announce the 92nd International Session of the European Youth Parliament, taking place in Milan(IT) between April, 30th and May, 10th 2020.  After more than fifteen years since the last event of this scale, Milan was chosen to be the meeting point...

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