COVID and its effect on women!

The Coronavirus fallout, a sad hit to Equality:
COVID and its effect on women!

The consequences of coronavirus have shown only the surface of a much deeper iceberg: from economic turmoil to the downfall of the public health system, this outbreak is also affecting our societies deeply, with the risk of boosting inequalities and having serious social ramifications.

In today‚Äôs world, women represent the majority of workers in the health and social care field which places them in the front lines of the COVID fight. 

At the same time, school closures and household isolation are moving the work of caring for children from the paid economy – nurseries, schools, babysitters – to the unpaid one. Women still bear most of the responsibility for childcare and do as three-times as much unpaid care work than men, and with schools closed and hospitals in overdrive, their responsibilities have dramatically increased. 

Additionally, reports show an increase of up to 36% in domestic violence cases since the start of the lockdown due to coronavirus, making the life of violence survivors harder than ever.

Amidst this crisis, how can we better support and empower women to fairly manage all the responsibilities that have arisen?

Join us on this insightful and action-driven conversation! 

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