April 4, 2018

Creators of European Digital Culture Exhibition

Between 9 and 12th of April, MEP Tiemo Woelken together with EU40 will host an exhibition on creativity and artistic freedom online, which will take place at the ASP 5G balcony area, at the European Parliament.

The ‘Creators of European Digital Future’ exhibition showcases diversity and creative freedom in Europe in an interactive format. For the opening of the exhibition we will be joined by tens of European artists whose works are presented. Our display of works of art will:

  • Showcase original artworks by European creators, including Superflex (founded in 1993 by Danish artists) and Destructive Creation, in an interactive format.
  • Host visits with European artists presenting their works and perspective to Members of the Parliament.

To attend the exhibition, please register at the button below:

The list of creators includes:

Germany: Kevin Kurpiers (Photographer), Caramel Mafia (DJ), FLIPPS (Youtuber),
Bulgaria: Destructive Creation (Street Artists), Kaloyan Iliev (Contemporary Artist), Dimitar Bodurov (Musician)
France: Florent Sabatier (Actor), Julian Starke (Film Director, Music producer), JUV (Illustrator), Axelle Tessandier (Writer), Benedicte Martin (Writer), Edouard Mauriat (Film producer), PV-Nova (YouTuber)

Watch below the speech of our Co-founder & Managing Director, Adam Mouchtar on the importance of ‘Aesthetics in Politics’:

We are looking forward to welcoming you!