November 17, 2022

‘Media & Influencers 4 Good’ at Tech Futures Summit

On Tuesday 15 November, EU40 – the Network of Young MEPs, and European Parliament Vice President, Eva Kaili, hosted an event titled, ‘Media & Influencers 4 Good: The social responsibility of shaping the world!’ The event fell under the umbrella of the ‘European Tech Futures Summit’ (November 14-17), also an initiative of VP Kaili. In essence, the gathering sought to tackle the important issue of media/influencer social responsibility, and how such powerful individuals and platforms can be a force for good in the world (environmental, ethical, political spheres).

Guest Speakers:
• Ms. Eva Kaili, Vice President of the European Parliament and President of EU40
• Ms. Annastasia Seebohm, CEO of Brilliant Minds Foundation
• Mr. John Montoya, Senior Director of Audience & Content Strategy at VICE Media
• Ms. Svetla Tanova, Coordinator of the ESMH and former DG COMM
• Mr. Antton Racca, TikTok Content Creator with 3.9 million subscribers
• Mr. Joost Marcel Bouhof, YouTube Content Creator (JoostSpeeltSpellen)

In her opening remarks, EU40 President and Vice President of the European Parliament, Eva Kaili (host), noted the wider context within which this event was being held, by detailing some of the other activities and events which were set to take place across the 5-day European Tech Futures Summit. She also stressed the need for similar type summits which she suggested made the European Parliament more accessible and welcoming for younger people, and as such, could help to spur greater levels of digital innovation and entrepreneurialism. Kaili introduced and welcomed each external guest speaker who represented both traditional and non-traditional media platforms. Speakers detailed their work and how they have been able to positively engage with significant audiences in order to bring about major change, both at the individual and wider societal level. For example, through trend setting and unconventional education campaigns (i.e., pushing for greater political, health, environmental awareness/understanding).

A ‘meet & greet’ with guest speakers and influencers followed the discussion.

The full event recording is available below: